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Fear of loud noises in 3yo

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TurquoiseCat Sun 15-Nov-15 21:29:05

Hi all,

Background - DD has ANSD (auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder) in her left ear. Recent hearing test indicated she had no usable hearing on this side.

She has always been frightened of certain loud noises (hand dryers/vacuums/lawn mowers) but the list is now growing to noises that aren't really that loud, such as flushing toilets and she even refused to wash her hands with a 'noisy' tap earlier.

She's my PFB and I don't really know any other kids around her age (first GC on both sides, never got into baby groups), so I'm not really sure whether this is just a normal thing or not?

I will obviously bring this up at her next hearing test - she has one every six months or so, but I was wondering whether anyone had experience of noise aversion in toddlers - is it normal, or should I be concerned?


superram Sun 15-Nov-15 21:33:13

It is normal and my 6 year old is still not keen on hand driers.

Haggisfish Sun 15-Nov-15 21:37:43

I think at the further end of normal, too. Dc don't like all those noises you mention.

TurquoiseCat Sun 15-Nov-15 21:39:27

Thanks for that super and haggis.

I will go back to my laid-back-ness about it my natural state of being!

Ferguson Sun 15-Nov-15 22:49:45

It is quite likely many young children, even with 'normal' hearing will be worried by such items and machines. And their sensitivity to extreme frequencies may much wider than an adults.

ANSD on one side may POSSIBLY increase sensitivity on the other side (I'm only speculating) but anyway, hearing IS more acute in children, and adults may have lost a considerable portion of perfect hearing over time.

We can only guess what it is like to have her condition, and I think of Evelyn Glennie, who 'feels' vibrations rather than 'hearing' in the normal way.

Andro Mon 16-Nov-15 01:28:53

She could be finding the noises disorienting, or she could be finding them painful - especially if the hearing in her good ear is very sensitive.

Even without hearing issues, many young children have noise issues. Most grow out of them, others have to learn to manage/endure/mitigate them.

TurquoiseCat Mon 16-Nov-15 09:46:17

Thanks all for replying.

As I said, I will definitely discuss it at her next hearing test, and until then I'll just manage it as I have been - gentle encouragement and general chivvying! grin

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