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3 year old turned fussy eater

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PickledLily Sun 15-Nov-15 07:12:41

DD has always eaten most things, but over the past few months has got fussier and fussier to the point where she will only eat plain rice or pasta, no meat except sausages and homemade pizza and chips, raw carrot, cucumber, apples and cheese. It's driving me up the wall. Texture seems to be an issue, she freaks out at anything crunchy, eg the skin on sausages. She's the same at nursery and is often upset at mealtimes.
I'm losing the plot! And worried she isn't getting a balanced diet. Any suggestions?

soupmaker Sun 15-Nov-15 10:22:21

My DD1 was a great eater until she had a similar phase at aged 3. It wasn't as restricted as yours but it was texture that was the problem. I was pretty relaxed about it and spent months letting her serve up food on her own plate which she loved. She was offered everything and anything she didn't want I would put a wee bit on another plate beside her. It took time but eventually she just started eating everything we were putting on our plates. I didn't serve up things I knew she really didn't like. She's 7 now and eats most things, including shellfish, tofu, olives, cured meats, cabbage, salad, just not most fruits, cooked carrots or shepherds pie!

PickledLily Sun 15-Nov-15 14:52:06

That's given me some encouragement! Unfortunately we rarely eat together so there aren't many opportunities for her to serve herself, or see what we are eating, which is a bit of a problem. It's something I'm working on though.

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