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Unsettled 2 year old

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Taler Thu 12-Nov-15 15:55:45

Hi, my DD has just turned 2 and since coming back from holiday (over a month ago) she has been sleeping really poorly at night and napping much less during the day. Well I say "napping less" but weirdly she is napping well on her nursery days (approx. 2 hour naps) whereas at home it's, on average, 30/40 minutes!

DH and I were intending to move her to a toddler bed around her second birthday as she was filling out her cot and as we were going through a phase of her not sleeping we figured we might as well do that transition at the same time. It has proved the right decision to do so as she seems to like her bed so at least we know the not sleeping is nothing to do with that (although I appreciate she will be getting used it still).

Any way, most nights she will wake a handful of times. Some nights are really bad and she'll wake every hour! Occasionally she may only wake once during the night but sadly these nights are rare!

What is waking her?! I've been through all the possibilities!

She has been teething and I do believe that sometimes that will be the cause but then if that is the case why would Calpol and/or Nurofen not do the trick?!?

She has become a lot more dependent on her dummy too. I try distraction as much as I can and nursery are doing the same.

She is, by nature, a contented, happy, confident little girl and before this period she was all those things most days, whereas now the 'norm' seems to be grizzly, grouchy, difficult and moany.

Because this has been going on for well over a month now, I am convinced that the reason she is grumpy a lot more is because she is SOOOOO tired! So are her dad and I!!!

Something is waking her and I just wish I knew what!

Keep telling myself it has to be a phase that she will come out of but so far there's no sign of that happening.

Anyone else going through/gone through this?

Ferguson Thu 12-Nov-15 19:54:27

Oh Dear! Here we are again!!

I may have blinked, but I don't recall seeing any details about the Second Birthday: did she have a party, and were her presents a success?

It is pretty ridiculous, but I somehow feel quite responsible for you guys!!

I can only return to my earlier suggestion: lack of air/oxygen, and unsuitable temperatures.

Taler Thu 12-Nov-15 21:11:53

Why on earth do u feel responsible????

Madratlady Thu 12-Nov-15 21:28:28

Almost definitely a phase. I think there is often some sleep regression around 2, although we don't seem to have hit that yet (ds nearly 2). And like you suggested, probably a cycle of overtiredness too.

Is her room warm enough now it's getting cooler? Could she be dreaming more? Does she still have milk in the night, is she hungry?

Just things I'd think about if it was my ds. Although to be fair that doesn't mean i'd figure it out. He's just woken for apparently no reason too!

winchester1 Thu 12-Nov-15 21:33:25

With mine it was because he ws getting too much sleep at nursery so sleeping badly at night,,so then a longer nap,,followed by really nad night etc. OT took about five days off to sort it and a further week a half to have the mo nap routine in place.

Ferguson Fri 13-Nov-15 22:46:05

(Sorry, only just back on.)

It's just that I've seen so many of your queries and 'worries', and I've looked back at some of the earlier ones, I almost feel I 'know' you - and DH.

Anyway, how did the Birthday go? And is DH OK now?

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