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16 week jabs

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waitingforsomething Wed 11-Nov-15 06:47:12

My DS had his 16 week jabs yesterday, he was grizzly and didn't nap much but then he stayed awake crying and grizzling pretty much all night. He slept for a couple of hours here and there and had a low grade fever 37.8.
Dd never had this reaction and he was fine after the second set- has anyone else had this? I'm a bit worried about him wondering if it's. Normal?

Wtfmummy Wed 11-Nov-15 06:53:48

Totally normal. My DS is having them too at the moment and is super cranky, not sleeping well, crying for a good 3-4 days after each set.

Keep him dosed up with Calpol and it will pass


waitingforsomething Wed 11-Nov-15 07:01:25

Thanks wtf - I'm wondering if it's the addition of the meningitis B vaccine - dd wouldn't have had this one

Wtfmummy Wed 11-Nov-15 07:16:59

I think you're right. It's a lot of injections for little ones. flowers

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