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baby and toddler quirks?

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bobsalong Mon 09-Nov-15 11:24:18

thought it might be fun to share any weird or funny things your LOs do!

DD (4 months) has a few comforters and teddies, but the only thing she likes to nap with is a pink cardigan.
I received a bag of baby clothes from MIL's friend, was sorting through them and took out this cardigan. She stared at it with eyes like saucers so I handed it to her, thinking she might like the colour. She grabbed it, shoved her face into it as well as drooling all over it and ten minutes later fell asleep with it tucked under her chin. It is now official nap buddy and she won't sleep without it- she either rests her head on it, clings onto it and holds it up to her face or drapes it over one eye and cheek. I don't know why this particular cardigan, it's just plain pink and doesn't even smell familiar as the woman uses very strong bio washing powder and we use non-bio!

schokolade Mon 09-Nov-15 17:54:53

My DD likes to stroke people's fingers if she's a bit tired. She'll do it for hours if you let her.

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