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Fussy eater help!

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KW89 Tue 03-Nov-15 22:06:49

My DS turned 2 in Sept. He has always been a fairly fussy eater (won't eat anything with any kind of sauce (except cheese sauce on pasta, or gravy on mince) etc, but I did have a decent amount of meals he would eat, however over the last couple of months his eating has just got ridiculous, to the point that I am starting to worry that he isn't taking in enough of what he needs.
He will eat cereal/toast/crumpets for breakfast no problem.
Lunch isn't too bad either, he will eat a sandwich/pitta bread (only with cheese spread) yoghurt, a range of fruit, rice cake/crisps.
It's the hot evening meal that is the problem!
The only meat he will eat is plain chicken breast (usually), sausages, mince in gravy (sometimes), he won't eat any fish.
Vegetables he will sometimes eat peas and sweetcorn, and very rarely broccolli and roast potatoes. Now and again he will eat baked beans.
He will eat pasta and sometimes chips. He use to eat rice and couscous (which I could hide veggies in) but the last 5-6 times I have tried he has refused these. He even refused my homemade macaroni yesterday which was his favourite!
I am really struggling to find meals for him to eat, I don't want to just feed him pasta and sausage every day! I've tried putting things I know he will eat, plus one I'm not sure about on his plate, but because he is starting to refuse things he previously ate it's getting hard! I've tried pudding bribery (I know naughty mummy!) on foods I know he normally eats, with no luck. I've tried not making a fuss and just taking the plate away when I've finished, I let him help prepare it, I've ran out of ideas.
I always eat with him, my husband sometimes does as he works shifts so isn't always home.
Do I just carry on giving him foods he likes/liked, or do I put exactly what I'm eating on his plate even if I know he won't eat it? If I have something different to him I always offer him some to which he always refuses!
Any ideas greatly appreciated!

jaybirdsinginginthedeadofnight Fri 06-Nov-15 21:08:51

I do sympathise, as I have DD who's 3, she is very very picky. Your DS doesn't sound too bad from the breakfast, lunch and dinner items you've listed that he'll eat. Seems like a good variety with all the food groups covered. You shouldn't stress about them day to day but keep a diary of what he eats of a couple of weeks if you sit down and look at it, you'll probably realise he is eating well. Remember that LO's need a lot less calories to survive than we do and will generally have a phase of sticking with what they like and refusing anything new.

But to make you feel better my DD eats -
Breakfast - toast (that's it nothing else trust me have tried everything)
Lunch - potato & leek soup (homemade) & crusty bread
Dinner - either spag Bol (homemade) or plain boiled rice!
That's it!! No fruit, no other veg apart from the soup and what's in the spag Bol! But she's healthy and growing. We give her multivitamins every night. I cook a healthy dinner and offer it to her every night but it always gets refused

I read 'my child won't eat' it's a very reassuring read when you are faced with a picky eater.

Good luck smile

KW89 Sat 07-Nov-15 22:47:26

Thankyou I will have a look for that book! I am hoping it is just a phase, but you say your little one is 3, so I guess it could go on a while! Just wish he would eat the same as us! I don't like him going hungry, but he's refusing things he use to like too. Aaaarrgghh toddlers!! xx

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