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Ditching the dummy

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Northend77 Tue 03-Nov-15 10:58:45

So, I have 1 year old twins who both rely fairly heavily on a dummy, however, one more so than the other.
They share a room but not cots.
They go to bed at 7pm with a bottle (only just turned 1) and we can leave the room and they generally go off to sleep with little fuss.
Twin B sleeps relatively well - 50% of the time she won't wake in the night and is awake at about 6am
Twin A, on the other hand, will regularly wake at least 2 or 3 times a night. Usually all we need to do it put the dummy back in and walk out - quite often her eyes aren't even open, even if she's stood herself up. She is then ready to get up at 5am
More recently she's got worse and won't settle after 3am so, out of sheer exhaustion, we have been bringing her into bed with us where she will sometimes sleep well til 5/5:30 or sometimes toss and turn and cry
I had their 1 year assessment with the health visitor on Monday and she suggested trying to get rid of the dummy as she needs to learn to self settle and I want them to have gone in the next 12 months anyway
So, I plan to go cold turkey with both of them this weekend as I have the Monday and Tuesday off work so can spend 4 nights really working on it

I think Twin B will take to it easier (she's a bit of a quitter!) so I am going to leave her in their room
I plan to put Twin A in the travel cot downstairs where I can leave her to cry it out for a bit under a controlled crying plan

I'm just after any useful advice from people who have done this please - is my plan a good one, what do I do in order to settle them each time, what success have you had (I will likely need motivation after the first night!)

Thank you

NickyEds Tue 03-Nov-15 15:00:18

I don't think you should do cc and remove the dummy at the same time op. At 1 babies still need some sort of comfort and help to go to sleep, be it boob/bottle, comforter, white noise, motion or a dummy. I'm a big dummy fan tbh and I'm in no rush to get rid of it with ds (22 months). have you tried tying a muslin to a dummy so she can find it? Putting several dummies in the cot?

We did cc with ds 2 weeks before he turned 1 and it was very successful- first night was horrid with two hours of on and off crying, second night 20 minutes of on off crying, third night he slept through and he has every night barring illness since. This was coming from a starting point of him waking every 90 minutes-2 hours. I wouldn't have even considered doing it without the dummy tbh!

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