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9 year old school problems

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ct77744 Sun 01-Nov-15 23:26:57

Hi we have a 9 year old who is having big problems with anxiety at school he has always been very nerves but last year he had problems with other boys in his class recieving a kicking from one we had other parents ringing asking if he was ok the other child seemed to get away with it even after we complained
This term started OK but then after his best friend left moved school he then seemed to loose the plot he can't control his anger frustration and was sent home after a pushing incident
The other boys are now feeding on his problems making it much worse for him
He argues with teachers and seems to have no respect for them last year we had no problems neither did school he refuses to tell us what is going on just saying he can't control him self school has tried different calming methods but seem to loosing the battle
We have problems at home but only when he has been at school after a few days he seems to calm down
We are not happy with school and are convinced there is some sort off issue as lots of children have been pulled 1 in his class due to bullying but we need him to go to this school as logistically it hard to take him else where
Currently he has a appointment with the peads and we will see what happens from that in his mind he is battling something and we have no idea what it is .

ItIsHowItIsx Mon 02-Nov-15 14:17:15

SOrry, got no advice, but I sympathise. We have had all sorts of problems at school related sensitive DS and how he deals with other kids. Just keep on supporting him and listening to him. He may come out and talk to you when you least expect it.

Mamamoose1 Thu 05-Nov-15 22:35:27

I would keep the channel of communication open, can he confide in you or another adult? My DS confides in me a lot, which I think helps him cope, he's also very anxious and a deep thinker too. I can usually tell if he has something on his mind, I often ask him if he's ok and how things at school are and he will give me feedback. Sometimes relationships between friends can affect their behaviour, especially if they've had any disputes/fell out with their peers.

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