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Struggling to stop breast feeding

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Sachaallen Thu 29-Oct-15 04:26:59

Really finding it hard to get my daughter off the boob she's just so stubborn. I've got her drinking from the cup during the day so I thought I'd cut out the night boob Feed and she refused to drink anything for three days where it got to the point she was really dehydrated, so of course I had to give in. Any advice would be appreciated

Out2pasture Thu 29-Oct-15 04:30:22

how old is your daughter?

Sachaallen Thu 29-Oct-15 04:32:29

14 months

Out2pasture Thu 29-Oct-15 04:42:50

you could introduce a bottle or sippy (straw type) cup that would meet her needs to suck. is there someone else available to take over the night time routine?

Sachaallen Thu 29-Oct-15 04:45:30

She just refuses it at night then after not getting the boob at night refuses to drink from the cut at all. No there's no one I'm a single mum and don't really have any one that could do that for me

Sachaallen Thu 29-Oct-15 04:45:59

I've tried giving her a bottle but she won't take it

Sachaallen Thu 29-Oct-15 04:47:16

I'm beginning to wish I never started. Everyone's looking at me like I'm some sort of freak or something

Out2pasture Thu 29-Oct-15 04:50:35

why do you want to discontinue the night feed?

Sachaallen Thu 29-Oct-15 04:55:24

Because I'm concerned about her being dehydrated during the day, it's as if she holds out as much as possible because she's waiting for boob time and she starts to become grumpy a few hours before bed

Sachaallen Thu 29-Oct-15 04:56:03

I originally planned to breast feed for 6 months

Out2pasture Thu 29-Oct-15 04:57:09

I thought you said she was drinking well from a cup during the day?

Sachaallen Thu 29-Oct-15 04:58:56

Yes she is but she only drinks about a cup if that because she's clearly holding out for the boob

Sachaallen Thu 29-Oct-15 04:59:43

She's so stubborn

Mrscog Thu 29-Oct-15 05:03:15

If you only have to do a night feed why is it so important you stop? Loads of people carry on into the second year now - particularly for 1-2 feeds a day. I'd be tempted to leave the battle a few weeks then try again.

Sachaallen Thu 29-Oct-15 05:13:04

It's her getting dehydrated during the day that's worrying me. Everyone keeps saying she's Gona be breast feeding till she's 7 this that and the other

Out2pasture Thu 29-Oct-15 05:31:36

correct me if I have this wrong; she has been well hydrated for 14 months except for the one time you tried to wean her. if that is right know that you are doing a great job of giving your little one fluids.
I suggest you continue doing what you were doing with the one night time feed. continue for a little while longer until you feel comfortable with how well hydrated she is (lots of wet diapers and a week when she has been eating and drinking is she doing with food generally...sorry for asking more questions).
try to wean her again in a couple of weeks.
little ones rarely quit cold turkey smile that stuff is very good. eventually she will though.
don't worry about what others are saying, do you enjoy breast feeding her?
developmentally is she walking? how is she communicating to you? this affects bf as well....again more questions

Sachaallen Thu 29-Oct-15 10:12:00

I feel like I'm going backwards it's like she's drinking less in the day and taking new night feeds I'm so exhausted and have a bad back so she's in the bed with me and I think that I'm sleep boobing her because I wake up and my boob is out and I don't remember doing it. Don't be sorry for asking questions. She's walking talking babbaling away when she had her 1 year assessment they said she was doing things a 15 month old would be doing. I have been pushing her to walk but not to much because I don't want her ending up as one of those kids pushed into everything and the. Ends up not wanting to anything because of it. So If I did really push her she would have been walking sooner.

Sachaallen Thu 29-Oct-15 10:13:31

She's so happy in herself. The nappies are just a bit dryer in the day. I was enojoying the breast feeding but I feel so exhausted I really want it to end

LBOCS2 Thu 29-Oct-15 11:25:10

It won't hurt her to be weaned overnight, but it might be a bit painful in terms of lack of sleep for you. There are two ways you could do it, either cut down the length of the feed by 10-15 seconds each time, or just go cold turkey and offer her a sippy cup of water instead (expect EXTREME RAGE the first couple of times you do this).

When my DD was 14 months we cut down bf overnight (mainly for sleep reasons rather than bf ones!) and I carried on feeding her first thing in the morning and last thing at night. We eventually fully weaned at 20 months, and it was absolutely fine; she stayed at DM's one night (had a bottle instead), DH had her then next while I went out (I know not an option for you but maybe a close friend or family member could?) and then when I came back I told her that the milky was all gone, but we could still have cuddles. She adjusted very quickly (although did do a dive for the nipple a couple of times in the beginning when she came into bed with us first thing in the morning and I hadn't kept them adequately covered!).

If you don't mind feeding her, and don't feel up to the pressure you're getting from people about stopping, you don't actually have to tell them. It's really up to you. And if you do want to stop, that's fine too. You've done fantastically well smile

ArriettyMatilda Thu 29-Oct-15 14:52:19

I noticed you talked about what others were saying and I want to reassure you that there are also other mums that are feeding their older ones. I wish I could advise on weaning but I am feeding my 22 month old and we haven't tried to stop any feeds yet. If it's not working for you hopefully someone has some advice on stopping or cutting down, if you want to carry on then there is no reason to stop.

Sachaallen Thu 29-Oct-15 20:21:07

Thank you guys so much x

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