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At the end of my tether.

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slightlyinsane Tue 27-Oct-15 16:49:31

I'll try and give a brief history.
Ds 5 has always been hardwork, exceptionally demanding, clingy, disobedient (hate using that word for young age but gives you the right impression), he has a speech disorder (not a delay) that's meant he's been having speech therapy for 2 1/2 years. He's improved loads but can still be hard to understand. He struggles with friendships and fitting in.
He can be a really lovely caring considerate boy, behaves at school and my dads house, he pretty much behaves when dh is around. When I'm on my own though he can be a completely different child, ignores my, continually says no or just refuses to do anything he's asked, has complete meltdowns which can be triggered by absolutely anything, he screams and lashes out, many times he's tried tipping the pushchair over if it's been while we were out.
Today he wanted to go to the park with his older sisters but I'd said no and explained why. I'd given him an alternative thing to do but he went into meltdown mode and lashed out and smacked my bum (not something that's done in this house). He has to take himself off to calm down, naughty step etc doesn't work for him. Once he's calmed down you can actually talk to him.
I'm out of ideas what to do with him now and can't take much more of it. Any suggestions???

Borninthe60s Tue 27-Oct-15 22:26:39

Speak to health visitor, GP, school and ask for help and advice.

Sachaallen Thu 29-Oct-15 04:23:23

Who is dh?

slightlyinsane Thu 29-Oct-15 11:32:42

Dh is dear husband

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