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Recommend me a book about toddler tantrums

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Fuckitfay Mon 26-Oct-15 18:51:25

The just 2 year old is driving me INSANE. It's such hard work being with her. She wants to be near be 24/7 and we have about 30 screaming kicking tantrums a day. I suspect she's anxious as I go out to work a lot and when I'm here she doesn't want to let me out of her sight and is also very strong willed and not taking kindly to not being able to do exactly what she was all the time. My eldest two were not like this!!
Can anyone recommend some reading for some skills for dealing with a strong willed tantrummy toddler
Thanks in advance

CultureSucksDownWords Mon 26-Oct-15 19:42:05

I don't know if you'll be interested as it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I found Toddler Calm to be a really helpful book.

Ferguson Tue 27-Oct-15 22:17:36

For thirty years this book by Penelope Leach has been THE classic on all aspects of babies and children, and it should cover problems such as you mention. I'll come back sometime, if I can offer any specific ideas:

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