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Worried my son won't confide in me

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Lozzy3003 Sat 24-Oct-15 19:13:47

Hi all, I'm a little concerned about my 9 year old son. Tonight while on the computer my 7 year old son has blurted out that my 9 year old has confided in him that he wants to be a girl. When I learned of this I asked my son if it was true but he kept laughing and saying it wasn't then he said maybe. I am more concerned because we clash and he finds it very hard to confide in me but I don't want him to be afraid to tell me if it is true. I've clearly told him that I'm not going to tell him off or discourage him if this is truly something he wants but I don't want him confiding in another person first but I feel if that's what he needs I should let him. I just don't know how to handle this news if it is true I am not against him if it's what he wants I've promised myself if my children tell me things like this then I will support them no matter what anybody in my family says about it.

Queendedede Sat 24-Oct-15 19:30:59

Maybe he is a bit embarrassed/scared as it may not be seen as 'normal' to have feelings like that. For a child it is much easier to talk to other children about stuff than an adult I think. Maybe he was testing the waters with his brother or not sure how to broach the subject with you and hoped his brother would pass the message on.

From your post I'm not sure whether you are more worried about his news or the fact he hasn't talked to you about it? The most we can do for our kids is love them, support them and make sure they know they can always chat to you no matter what. If they don't feel able to confide in a parent then hopefully there is someone else (adult, not child) that they can talk to instead.

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