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17 month old screaming

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KJane7891 Tue 20-Oct-15 12:19:09

Hi everyone, just looking for a bit of reassurance really....hopefully anyway!

Our little boy is 17 months. He's screamed for the first 5 months of his life (colic/relfux) but since then has been a happy, curious, exploring, cheeky little boy. He has his moments like they all do, but generally he's really good. Just lately though he's having HUGE meltdowns particularly when we get back in the car from being out, or getting back home, or just generally if we need to move on from something he was doing. He throws himself on the floor, screams like crazy and I'm becoming more and more stressed with it. Today is a particularly bad day as he's had several meltdowns and it's only 12:15pm and I've been in tears over it. I'm taking it that these are tantrums because he wants his own way. Normally when he does have a paddy I reassure him that everything's okay, which works, and it's over in a few seconds, but now it's getting worse.

Any advice or reassurance would be great.

Thank you smile

skankingpiglet Wed 21-Oct-15 22:51:39

My DD is 16mo and also does this. I've just assumed the 'Welcome to toddlerhood' card has gotten lost in the post. All normal stuff I'm afraid. My DD could very accurately be described as 'wilful', I'm bracing myself for the coming couple of years decades.
Distraction can work well with mine, but more and more I find myself just having to cuddle and ride it out. sad

Littlef00t Sun 25-Oct-15 15:27:31

I think it's quite common for toddlers to struggle with transitions. Making sure they know they are about to leave, giving them something to distract them, and ensuring that a tantrum does not persuade you to stay longer etc are all useful.

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