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️️Sleep regression help me get through!

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MSMB Mon 19-Oct-15 19:18:07

I use to be so smug that my baby up until 3 weeks ago slept through for 12 hours a night!... Then everything changed..... 4 months old and she can't settle at all at night! Any noise will wake her and then she will be awake for hours!!! I'm at the end of my teather as im self employed and literally feel like I'm having no sleep and there is no end in sight! I'm doing all the usual stuff to teach her the difference between night and day. Trying my best to stay quiet. Friends have suggested weaning.... What can I do???

wotoodoo Tue 20-Oct-15 03:57:07

Co sleep. That's what I did for all mine until they were 6 months and had no disturbed sleep at all smile

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