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Jelly101 Mon 19-Oct-15 15:17:10

Hi, my DS will be 6 months in a couple of weeks. I am now starting to think about weaning and I find it quite daunting. I am a first time mum, so I don't really know what to offer. My HV said to introduce finger foods at 6 months, what are the best foods to offer a baby just starting who's just starting to wean? Is it better to give him finger foods straight away or to start with a couple of purées and ease finger foods into his diet. Any weaning tips/food suggestions would be greatly

Jelly101 Mon 19-Oct-15 15:22:19

*who's just starting to wean

MrsAukerman Mon 19-Oct-15 15:23:19

By 6 months most babies display the 3 signs of readiness which are being able to sit upright (with support), being able to pick up food and guide it to mouth and having lost their tongue thrust reflex. Once all these are noted there is no need for purées.
Large pieces of food are best. Chip / finger shapes are best and a crinkle cutter is useful to add some grippiness to food.
Banana was ds's first food because he stole some of mine at 24 weeks.
Well cook carrot batons are good.
Green beans.
Omelette cut into strips.
Cheese cut into sticks.
Toast spread with ripe avocado or nut butters.
Bits of your dinner are also fine as long as you cook with little or no salt.

MrsAukerman Mon 19-Oct-15 15:25:51

No honey before 12 months.
No choking hazards like whole nuts or whole grapes.

Jelly101 Mon 19-Oct-15 15:27:13

Thank you! He can sit upright with little support. I just wasn't sure what foods to start with initially, so that list is a big help. smile

LibrariesGaveUsP0wer Mon 19-Oct-15 15:27:30

I'd have a go at blw cos it is less faff!

Just offer food about the size and shape of a chip. Avoid very hard stuff like raw carrot. No honey, no nuts, cut up grapes and cherry tomatoes.

Good starting foods include stuff like wedges (sweet potato, potato, carrot, parsnip), steamed or boiled veg (broccoli, carrot, baby corn, cucumber ), toast, cereals (check salt and sugar), fruit sticks, cheese (not too much at once as salty), chicken breastfeeding strips....

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