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posting for traffic -not sure if ive put this in the right place

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Doublebubblebubble Sun 18-Oct-15 01:15:51

My son (eeeeep) was born yesterday 16/10 at 11:26am via emcs - he had mec in his waters, I got stuck at 5cms and he was/is a very big boy at 10lb 1oz.

We are currently on the antenatal ward so that they can keep an eye on him (because of the mec) anyway, when he was born the midwife/paed said that both of his testicles we undescended. Fine (I had read that this sometimes happens) anyway when the paed came round this afternoon 17/10 (different doc) she felt his tummy and said that she couldn't feel anything (presumably meaning that she couldnt feel his testicles in his tummy/they are further back than expected )fairly concerning. ... Has anyone else experienced this . Did their baby need to have an operation and if so how old were they and what did it entail????

Please help... My son is fine and fast asleep - unlike the other babies (we're still on the postnatal Ward) just cant sleep because I'm thinking about it too much x

Wondererer Sun 18-Oct-15 02:02:43

A friend of a friend had this and it turned out he was both sexes(can't remember the correct terminology)

CultureSucksDownWords Sun 18-Oct-15 02:28:23

This page might be helpful:

I would see if you can ask the paed what the situation is, if you can see the paed again? They really should have made it clear what needs to happen and when. Sorry that you're worrying about it, try and get some sleep if you can.

OwlFeathersFluff Sun 18-Oct-15 03:31:21

Oh well that will help her sleep, Wonderer hmm

Doublebubblebubble Sun 18-Oct-15 05:43:42

Hi yep wonderer thanks^!!!!

when I saw that sleep was most definitely not on the cards (for me) until we saw the consultant. Who has 100% confirmed that my son is100% a boy. (testicles undescended WERE seen/noted on several multiple scans we had - I was really asking to see what happens and when - what does the operation entail, etc.

jp0303 Sun 18-Oct-15 12:36:29

Hi Doublebubble, sorry that you are stressing over this, it is frightening when you don't have all of the information, so perhaps share your concerns with one of the midwives who will be able to reassure you somewhat.

I was the same as you, pfb son sleeping peacefully in his cot while I lay next to him, staring and worrying about having a midwife and, not one but two paediatricians, tell me that his testes were undescended. They were so matter of fact about it, and I was so shocked, that I didn't ask all of the questions that I would ask now and instead worried for days about whether this would lead to him being infertile, whether he would ever go through puberty, what other complications there could be, and my heart was breaking.

My son was referred to our local children's hospital for further examination, this scared my big time, but was actually only done as the two paediatricians, who were both training but didn't tell me that at the time, could not agree on what they were feeling at each examination. The specialist urologist that saw my son had no concerns, however agreed to follow up a year later anyway. We have been to the follow up check and all is fine. My husband and I could feel ourselves after a few months that both balls were in the sack, but the professional reassurance was such a relief after the initial worry.

I have a friend whose little boy had the same thing happen and he has to have a small operation to bring one of the testicles down as his tube is very tight, so it has been unable to descend on its own. The operation has been explained to her as short and routine, far more common than generally discussed (I suppose some people feel a stigma as bonkers as that is) and that they will be using a general anaesthetic for approximately 30 minutes. Her boy is now 18 months and on a waiting list. They generally don't do the operation whilst they are tiny / under 12 months, as it is not urgent or necessary to do so. However the doctor that my friend saw said that there are benefits to doing it at her son's sort of age up to 2 and a half as they are usually still in nappies and therefore can't pick their stitches and their recovery is good.

Sorry for the lengthy post, I just wanted to give you the information that I have in the hope that it brings some perspective of potential options. Particularly after seeing how unhelpful the first response that you received was - true or not it was insensitive.

Try to relax and get some sleep while baby is resting. Seek as much information as you can via midwives and health visitors. Don't feel that you have to bottle it all up, arm yourself with information and supportive people. (((Hugs)))

Doublebubblebubble Sun 18-Oct-15 12:43:47

Thank you so much jp that's very reassuring xx

DrMum83 Thu 22-Oct-15 15:47:18

Aah bless you OP!
I echo jp0303 (I'm a GP) - if they were seen antenatally, that's all good.
It's quite common, lots of boys have 'retractile testicles' and they can spring up and down into the scrotum frequently. It only becomes actionable if they stay up constantly beyond the first couple of years when we'd refer to urologist for possible op (which isn't a major op) but that's not very common.

If your DS is a chunky monkey, it may be harder to feel the testicles in his lower tummy, nothing to worry about ( not meaning to cause offense!)
Many many congrats on your little bundle!!

Bishboshbash Thu 22-Oct-15 15:56:04

My DS had one undescended testicle at birth. He was checked again at about 3months I think and it was there by then. I have a friend who's little boy had the same and he gad an op when he was 2ish I think. I don't think its a big op he was in overnight but that's all.
Try not to worry too much! (Easier said than done I know)

Doublebubblebubble Sat 24-Oct-15 13:04:20

drmum he is a very big boy. Just a bit worried that if they come down by themselves they'll hurt him because surely it must hurt. I cant stand it x

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