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2 year old suddenly over clingy and only wants me, help!

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Ifiwasabadger Fri 09-Oct-15 17:02:59

Last month I had to rptravel for work and Dh had to travel to visit a sick relative, he took DD, aged 2 (we live overseas). This mean that I didn't see added for three weeks.

Apparently she was completely fine with him whilst I was away, he is very hands on and she adores him.

Since she has been back and we've been reunited, she is unbelievably clingy. Reaches for me all the time, wants to be carried everywhere, cries if she's not attached to me. She won't entertain Dh for a minute. Today he tried to put her shoes on and she was so hysterical she was sick all over the lounge. As soon as I picked her up, she was calm again.

Of course I just want to comfort and love her and make her feel ok, but it is becoming a bit of an issue as she is so worked up all the time. Poor DH is feeling a bit rejected I suspect ( he would never admit it).

Any tips for how to help her feel secure and happy with both of us again? I'm sure it's just a phase but it is tough. Thanks all.

Verbena37 Fri 09-Oct-15 23:30:15

Has so,etching scared her? A relatives dog for example or the plane flight etc?
Or maybe she just missed you loads and thinks you're going away again so doesn't want to be apart from you?

Rather than fight it, I'd roll with it. It won't last long and once she knows you're there to stay, she will settle down

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