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11 yr DS

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Jumpy72 Wed 07-Oct-15 22:42:51

Not a regular poster but long time lurker ! I would really appreciate some advice on my DS and his behaviour. My DS has always been an anxious child and needs a lot of reassurance on how much he is loved daily from both me and his Dad. We have not always followed through with consequences for bad behaviour due to his anxiety ,so his behaviour can be challenging at times. We have taken into account that he has started secondary school so expect with hormones and new challenges that things would be strained. We are battling with extreme temper tantrums which can last for about 5 mins and then he will apolagise and say how much he loves me and all moves on happy again. However, my concern is that he has been talking a lot about suicide and threatening to kill himself once he is older, and that he hates his life and wishes he wasn't born. Normally said after a temper tantrum but is really upsetting . I don't want to dismiss what he is saying as just something he says as he always says when he is 18 that's what he will do. We was referred to Cahms a few years back but was signed off . Any guidance as to how I can help my DS would be appreciated .

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