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Violent/destructive 2yo

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LittleMilla Mon 05-Oct-15 20:20:06

We're getting a bit worried about ds2 as his behaviour is just going from bad to worse. He's 2.3

Always been quite boisterous and we've generally passed it off as him being the second boy who's quite 'tough'. But it's beginning to get out of hand and really embarrassing in social situations. And our nanny is also making comments as she's worried.

His speech is very advanced and so I don't have any worried about hearing or anything. He will actually break something and then pipe up with "look, I've ruined it!"

Our nanny is very outdoorsy and he spends most of his days outside in the woods etc. My husband is worried that this could be contributing as he doesn't have to 'play' that much: with toys or other children (although we do share the nanny with another family).

He will often just walk around and pinch, hit, punch for NO reason. And should anyone actually hurt him, he'll retaliate really badly.

He's big, so if/when he scraps with his brother (who's 4) it can quick,y escalate.

We're exhausted with the constant policing. He's utterly charming and lovely when not behaving like an asbo thug. Help!!!

LittleMilla Tue 06-Oct-15 21:29:53

Bit of a bump, would really appreciate any thoughts. Thanks

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