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Calcium intake for a 3yo - worth thinking about?

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Thurlow Sun 04-Oct-15 19:05:39

DD(3.5) has decided she doesn't want milk before bed. Fine. But she doesn't eat cheese, and doesn't have a yoghurt every day, so it's just occurred to me that her dairy intake will just be cereal with milk in the morning.

She eats well and (so far) we have no problems getting a good range of food into her. But it's stuck in my head about drinking plenty of milk and eating lots of cheese for calcium.

Worth a supplement or is there something else we should be feeding her?

BlueBlueSea Sun 04-Oct-15 19:21:06

Calcium is not just in milk, green leafy vegetables have it too. Broccoli, Oranges and Almonds provide calcium too.

My son started being sick with cheese sauces at about the same age, so I had to keep an eye on his dairy intake, with a mixed and varied diet he was fine.

BlackeyedSusan Sun 04-Oct-15 22:18:31

google vegan sources of calcium... pick the ones that she will eat and make sure she gets plenty.

you can add extra milk to her cereal in a bigger dish.. [sneaky]

Onsera3 Sat 17-Oct-15 21:45:07

I'm not so worried about calcium. Some cultures don't eat as much (as many didn't traditionally eat dairy) and do fine. I am worried about iron and calcium is an iron inhibitor. It's one of the reasons we limit dairy in our house, especially around iron sources.

I make sure we have Vit D for bones.

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