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Escape artist 7 month old

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stantonjulie Mon 28-Sep-15 22:21:54

My ds is like an octopus - he seems to grow extra arms and legs when it comes to changing nappy/bathing/getting dressed. I practically have to pin him down at bath time to get him undressed and then swaddle him in a towel to get him dressed again. I've just seen an advertisement for an Anti-Roll changing mat. Can this really work? Never had this problem with dd who didn't really bother moving much until she was 1!

Etak15 Mon 28-Sep-15 22:28:15

My 9 month ds is the same! And he crys when I put his socks on - I think it's because he sees them and wants them he's obviously got some idea for another use for them and I ruin it by putting them on his feet!! He turns around and tries to escape when doing his nappy too, maybe it's a boy thing? I can't remember my dd's being like this!

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