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2.5 year old - bedroom move - now wants to sleep in our bed

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thematthewtaylor Tue 22-Sep-15 21:31:05

We recently moved our 2.5 year old daughter into a new bedroom in preparation for number two due in November.

We have been finding that once we put her down and say good night, she will wait for us to leave the room and then go and tuck herself up into our bed with her comforter and usually a ted.

Usually we let her go to sleep and then move her. If we catch her in the act, she goes very sulky until we give in.

Is this a problem / start of a problem?

How can we manage it?


IguanaTail Tue 22-Sep-15 21:32:22

1. Sit on the stairs till she goes to sleep for a few days.

2. Don't give in!

TeamBacon Tue 22-Sep-15 21:33:38

Just keep putting her back in her own bed until she gets the idea. If you're consistent it shouldn't take that long. Better to get her happy in her own room now, then to have her feeling pushed out when the new one arrives.

Can she choose a new duvet cover or something for her room so she feels happier in there?

thematthewtaylor Tue 22-Sep-15 21:43:15

Those are both good ideas. We were also thinking of getting her a new single bed because we will convert her cot bed back to a cot and eventually the new one will be joining her.

Anyone else with any experiences or good ideas to share?

TeamBacon Tue 22-Sep-15 23:11:40

Does she have to be in the new bedroom?

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