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Violent Neighbourhood boy, ADD, Asperger - Dangerous?

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WalkingSense Sun 20-Sep-15 23:45:00

I am hoping there is someone here who knows a bit about AD(H)D and Asperger.

Our neighbours have a 12 year old and we have a 10 year old boy. Last year they played a few times together, but my son doesn't like it anymore. 'He doesn't come here for me mum, just for my toys'. The poor kid comes around twice a week for a play, and I tell him 'sorry, my son is busy'.

Yesterday, my son was out with a friend, the boy passes and wants to play, my son and friend refuse. The boy then attacks him. My husband heard the noise, went to check it out and told me later it was nothing like he had ever seen before. It was proper violence with many foul words. Nothing like a normal playground scuffle. The boy was really violent. The boy then left, but it turned out he was lying in ambush. He waited for my son to return.

My husband spotted him and he then flung himself at my (quite large) husband, shouting, kicking and screaming foul language.

No one got hurt. But I am left wondering. Is my son in danger? Do these things only happen if there is an incident that sets it off?

Apparently the (specialist!) school of the boy no longer know what to do with him, and even they have called in the police several times over the past few weeks.

It's clearly not just a normal case, and I guess my son was right that he doesn't want to play with the boy. My heart aches for the boy, and at the same time I am wondering. Should we be super careful now in the neighbourhood? Will he lay in ambush next week again?

Any thoughts? What is the wise thing to do?

TheHouseOnTheLane Mon 21-Sep-15 02:05:47

Did you speak to the boy's parents? He clearly needs more support and perhaps a mentor to hang out with. As it is, if you did not speak to his parents then you need to...and if your DS is attacked again then I would call the non emergency number to speak to the police about it.

It is very sad. If this boy does have SN and he's not getting the help he needs, then he might hurt another child....he needs more help.

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