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Short fat baby?

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minipie Sat 12-Sep-15 17:10:22

Not sure if I ought to worry or not...

DD2 is 6 months. She's been on the 9th centile for length since birth - I'm only 5'3 so not too surprising - but her weight has gradually climbed from the 50th centile to now nearly the 91st. She is basically round! She's mostly EBF (has had the odd bit of formula in the past and just started solids this week).

Anyone else's baby have such a huge difference between weight and height centiles? Any tales of sudden length spurts to give me hope?!

backtowork2015 Sat 12-Sep-15 21:48:21

It's really difficult to accurately measure a baby's length. Is it possible that your dd isn't on the 9th anymore? You don't need to worry either way, 6month old babies can't be fat, she'll even herself out smile

Puffthemagicfanjo Sat 12-Sep-15 22:10:45

When ds1 was 8mo he was 9th centile for height and 75th for weight. He was ebf and not much interested in solids at that point. The hv told me to bring him back once he had been crawling for a few months. At 13mo he was down to 50th centile for weight, and I think he put on all of about a pound in his second year. He's now 3.6yo, short, and (healthily) skinny.

TheOldestCat Sat 12-Sep-15 22:12:58

Yup, DS was 9th height and 91st centile at 6months too! He was ENORMOUS - and EBF. He had sudden growth spurts as a toddler and evened out. He is now 5 and although short for his age, he's not overweight.

Diggum Sat 12-Sep-15 22:23:20

I agree about length measurements being very tricky to get right.

DD was relatively short but an absolute boob monster. She was fabulously chubby before she started walking. God I loved those legs. Her weight was definitely at least 2 centiles above her height though.

She's really starting to slim now at 15 months. She's sort of growing into her chub. Still a nice bit of padding but I can see she's going to even out eventually.

I wouldn't panic. Wait till she gets moving properly and see how it goes.

minipie Sat 12-Sep-15 23:24:51

Thanks everyone. Sounds like I can expect her to slim down but she may just be destined to be short! DD1 is quite tall so I'd hoped DD2 would be too. Ah well smile shortness hasn't held me back!

Agree its hard to get length right but she came up as 9th centile at birth, at 8 weeks and again at 6 months (admittedly the last is based only on me measuring her at home) so the measurements seem to be consistent.

thanks again

SavoyCabbage Sat 12-Sep-15 23:33:59

My dd1 was like this. We called her Beach Ball as she was just a sphere. And I've never seen fatter legs. Like a ham from Tom and Jerry.

She thinned out when she started walking and she's 11 now. She's an athlete and when we watch her run we can't believe that those fat legs once belonged to her.

Wearyheadedlady Sun 13-Sep-15 12:56:23

If she is 6 months she is probably getting ready to move around - crawling. They do plump up before this happens as the weight drops off them so fast once they get moving.

PotOfYoghurt Sun 13-Sep-15 13:06:36

She sounds delightfully round!

(Please can we have a picture? grin)

minipie Mon 14-Sep-15 14:20:19

grin at ham from tom and jerry - that is exactly what her thighs are like! As wide as they are long.

shock at getting ready to crawl. No no no, I would like a nice long while before she's mobile please

Hopefully pic below - not the greatest photo but shows the thighs

PotOfYoghurt Mon 14-Sep-15 15:24:07

Those thighs are magnificent!

backtowork2015 Mon 14-Sep-15 22:13:26

Wow! What a gorgeous baby! X

TheOldestCat Mon 14-Sep-15 23:08:34

Awww, she is lovely!

TheHouseOnTheLane Tue 15-Sep-15 01:55:49

Ah she is blinking gorgeous! A beautiful, classic baby...she's like an illustration from a child's book.x

minipie Wed 16-Sep-15 14:48:16

Ah thanks for the lovely comments smile I have to admit she looks a little like Humpty Dumpty but she is gorgeous to me of course!

babymouse Wed 16-Sep-15 15:21:47

She's cute. My nephew is a lot bigger than that he's built like a baby seal. He's ebf and hasn't skinned down yet, but I'm sure he will. His mum was the same as a baby and now she's really slender. Try not to worry it evens out in the end!

MedusaIsHavingaBadHairday Wed 16-Sep-15 22:32:21

My ds1 was JUST like that. In fact he was totally spherical with multiple rolls. And short. I really worried he was going to be the fat child in class. But he he walked at 9 months on those fat little legs and while it took a while for the chunk to go down , he was short but just stocky by 3.. slim by 4 and ever since then he has been mildly underweight!

He's 5 ft 10 now so not short anymore and he can't manage to get above 10 stone and moans about it!

LindsayS79 Thu 17-Sep-15 07:39:57

How beautiful. My DD was exactly the same!!! I look back and miss those gorgeous chubby legs!!! I found that a couple of stomach bugs took a bit of weight off, so that extra padding was great for those events, along with her starting to crawl and walk which took it off. I called my dd 'buddha'! She's still short at 27 months but she suits it!!!

sandgrown Thu 17-Sep-15 07:44:53

My daughter was a short fat baby.Her legs were like a pile of teacakes but she is now a beautiful young woman with a fabulous figure!

Millionprammiles Thu 17-Sep-15 08:44:27

Yup I had one of those. I could barely carry her by 12 months.

They even out once they start moving. Also once we ditched the milk and became less obsessed about a full tummy resulting in a good nights sleep (it doesn't), dd controlled her own food intake rather than us coaxing her.

If your baby is a good eater and continues that into toddler-hood that's a real plus. Fussy eaters can be v stressful for parents. Be grateful if you've got that kid that will eat anything anywhere.

slightlyconfused85 Fri 18-Sep-15 08:14:43

It's really hard to measure length in babies. My children have been big and tall, but when Dd and her little baby group friends were little they were all soooo different: short and fat, tall and fat, small and skinny, tall and skinny. We all worried loads and now they are all nearly 3 they all look pretty much the same! They even out after getting mobile- definitely do not worry, she's lovely

Hezaire Sun 20-Sep-15 12:18:20

Also, there might be very difference in lengths of babies at that age so it might have been that if she measured an extra half centimetre she would fly up the percentile sales

JimmyGreavesMoustache Sun 20-Sep-15 12:21:33

she's scrumptious, minipie

my short fat baby is now a smallish, plumpish reception kid
I'd be lying if I said she was now tall or slender, but with each passing year she seems to be slimming down gradually and doesn't look noticeably different from her peers (which she certainly did before 2).

GoldPlatedShitGibbon Sun 20-Sep-15 12:31:25

Your baby's lovely, but tell me more about that lovely cottage you appear to live in!

minipie Sun 20-Sep-15 20:36:09

Gibbon sadly I don't live there, photo was taken on holiday!

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