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over clingy 18 month old son

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fulltimedad1 Sat 12-Sep-15 16:59:57

My 18 onto old son is ridiculously clingy. If I'm in another room doing something he will come in and push me away from it and if he wants to go somewhere he will pull me up by my finger and walk me to where he wants to go. If I don't go he will just scream hysterically. I obviously can't go on like this but don't no how to combat please help

CultureSucksDownWords Sat 12-Sep-15 18:36:01

Children do often go through phases of separation anxiety, which could be the case here. Also, 18 months is a tricky age as he can understand a lot but won't be able to say much yet which can be very frustrating for them.

My advice would be to be as reassuring as you can. Separation anxiety can get worse if you try and force the issue. Also try and make sure that you explain what you're going to be doing next as often as possible. Try and involve him in what you're doing if at all possible. I used to put my DS in the high chair in the same room as me with an activity to do if I needed to get on with something, so I could talk to him and interact.

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