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Dealing with constant questions, 3.9year old, normal or behavioural issue?

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louiseee123 Wed 09-Sep-15 20:28:52

My 3.9 year old asks questions from the moment he gets up till he goes to bed and it is exhausting.

Sometime's its questions he knows the answer to, sometimes its just random, for example all day long he'll ask what time it is, i'll tell him the time, he'll repeat 5 minutes later. He seems to ask a lot of the same questions like "what are you doing" even though i'm doing the same thing when he asked me 5 seconds previous.

He also constantly asks "why". I say "it's not nice to hit" he says "why" arrgh! I usually respond nicely inside my head shouting shut the fuck up

Is this normal? Drives me bonkers, my mother calls him inquisitive, i call him fucking annoying Hate feeling like that! sad

FattyNinjaOwl Wed 09-Sep-15 20:35:14

Perfectly normal. My DS is still the same at nearly 7.

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 09-Sep-15 21:31:45

Perfectly normal. He sounds bright, have you tried teaching him to tell the time?

louiseee123 Thu 10-Sep-15 13:09:31

I'm trying and i think thats why he asks so much, he loves learning so i should embrace it but its so hard when its a constant stream of questions.

FattyNinjaOwl Thu 10-Sep-15 13:26:13

It can be difficult, but once they've cracked it there's no more asking wink.
My DS has been able to tie his shoe laces since he was 3, whereas most of his friends are only just learning. It means I'm able to focus on other stuff and don't have to bend to tie laces constantly with my bad back! It's brilliant, but at the time he was learning it was frustrating, as he wanted to do them himself, and would take forever to stop and do it whenever they came undone, and I was never allowed to help. Just had to remind him how the loops went.
And the same with time. I think the worst thing I had with time was trying to explain to a 4 year old why it's 10 to etc rather than 50 past. grin

feekerry Thu 10-Sep-15 22:08:22

Omg. I feel the pain. Dd is 3.6yrs and honestly hand on heart she talks from 7am till 7pm. Even then I can hear her yabbering away to herself over the monitor.
Obsessed with the time and how long things will take!!

PatrickPolarBear Fri 11-Sep-15 00:56:01

Sounds absolutely normal to me based on my DS and all his 3.5-4.5 year old friends. Endless questions on any topic from the most mundane ('why is it Tuesday today?') to the arcane ('why is Earth the planet for us to live on?'). And yes it is very very tiring to answer 8,573 questions a day grin. Still prefer it to the tantrummy 2s age though!

Cedar03 Fri 11-Sep-15 13:48:29

With the why questions there are two approaches that I used at that age (she's 8 and still asks 'Why').
First is to say 'why do you think?' to a question that she knew the answer to.
For example 'Don't hit'
'Because it's not nice to hit'
'Why do you think it's not nice?'

The second was to say 'that's enough now we're going to do xx or xx now'
That might get another 'why' question but it does move things on.

And also getting her to help me if she asks 'what are you doing?'

Its hard work partly because you have to explain things in a way that a young child will understand.

AGnu Fri 11-Sep-15 16:46:01

Yep, My DS1 is in the "why?" phase too. He's nearly 4 & it's been going on for at least 6 months. He seems particularly interested in food preparation, specifically meat production... "How do they make chickens dead?" "Why aren't we going to talk about it while we're eating?" "Shall we eat <our friend>'s chickens?" "Why can't we eat them?" "Why would they be sad?" "But why?" "Why do I need to stop talking and eat my food?" "But why?" "Why will it get cold?" "But why?" "Why isn't is so nice when it's cold?" "But why?"

ARGH! angry

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