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Brown or white bread?

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Taler Sun 06-Sep-15 23:12:01

Sorry, a bit of a daft one but curious to know what others give their toddlers?

Daughter is coming up to 2 years and I thinki remember reading/being told to switch to semi skimmed milk when she's 2 and wondering whether brown bread should be provided then as well.

She does sometimes have brown now but mostly it's white.


Ferguson Sun 06-Sep-15 23:29:45

Wholemeal bread, if she will eat it, or have it as toast. Not just 'brown' bread, as that may be like white bread, but coloured brown.

We get Cranks bread, and Vogel's seeded breads, at 'knock down' prices when the store is about to closes - £1.50 loaf for 39p; or Sainsbury's £10 'celebration' iced cake for £2.49.

The bargains ARE there if you look, and go to the store at the right time.

Taler Mon 07-Sep-15 07:18:29

Thank you

Bejeena Mon 07-Sep-15 12:40:45

I habe always given brown/wholemeal bread. I gave also given semi skimmed milk since 1 year old after checking with doctor who agreed in case of my son (who was a chubby baby) he didn't need the extra fat from full fat milk. I am not in UK though, before people start to slate so regulations might be different.

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