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Dc barely eats

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HoopsAlot Thu 03-Sep-15 22:23:39

Dd aged 5 has always been a picky eater and or ate very little off her plate at meal times.
Now she is at school it's more concerning as she still won't eat more than a bite or two if anything one teacher has already made comment that they really had to coax her to eat at breakfast club, she comes back with her snack uneaten and from what we have seen of her school lunch so far she hasn't eaten, Even the nice bits like shortbread.

Dinner is much the same.
What can I do?
Sticker charts don't engage her in anyway and won't work and most of the time I am passive if she doesn't eat her food so she won't get any attention from it.

She has been like this for years and have sought help from hv before but recent catch up visit from that was pretty stale advice.

Imo she has a short attention span/ away with the faris enough without not having enough food to concentrate at school.

steppemum Thu 03-Sep-15 22:32:43

I know that the health professionals only worry if the child stops growing in height. Until then they would say she is getting enough.

Try and make what she does eat fairly high calorie, so she is getting enough energy. My friend had to do this, so she would do sandwiches which were full fat cream cheese and ham for example.
Can she have something before school that she likes, then a few mouthfuls at breakfast club. Give her a snack at pick up time, and so on, little and often, get in what you can.

HoopsAlot Thu 03-Sep-15 22:43:55

Hi thanks little and often seems to be what we have fallen into but I can't but feel it's a bad habit to set for the long term, she never finishes a meal and I never give her lots either as I know she wont even finish that.

If I give her cereal in the morning she takes that long with few bites and it goes soggy with the milk then she won't eat.
3/4 of a slice of toast is the most she has managed twice this week for breakfast.
If she had a choice she would eat cheese and cucumber for lunch at all times.
Hit or miss of she will have cheese spread on crackers, she's not into bread hmm.
I'm losing the will to live at dinner time as I like to cook nice generic food and it's not nice for it to be wasted and starting to not be bothered.
She goes to bed with milk.

Been a while since iv looked at her book but she has always been on 9th centile which I gather is small.
She has no meat on her but not in a sickly way.

I don't know whether I should just accept she eats like a bird and look like a bad parent to the school or try harder but cajoling and rewards really don't work, she is stubborn.

steppemum Thu 03-Sep-15 22:50:24

don't worry about school, tell them she eats like a bird, sound co=operative and working with them and they will be fine.

is she having packed lunch?
If so send it things she will eat, don't worry about variety. So cheese sticks, babybels or whatever, pot of sliced cucumber and a couple of crackers. Will she dip the crackers in some cheese spread (it will go soggy if you do it in the morning)

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