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Manic & slightly aggressive 11 month old

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stowbeau Tue 01-Sep-15 20:22:12

Maybe I'm worrying unnecessarily but my daughter is exhibiting behaviour that I don't see in the many other babies of the same age.

She's a wonderfully happy gregarious baby but gets so completely over excited by other babies that she acts manically - screaming & trying to bite their faces, slapping their heads, jumping on them etc...

Its really really different to the other babies. She makes the other babies cry, then looks really confused by theyd reaction.

Has anyone rose had a child like this?

I'm worried she's hyperactive or something!

(She sleeps 12 hours per day & doesn't have any sugar of junk food)

Is this normal behaviour for a 10'/ 11 month old.

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 01-Sep-15 20:35:08

As you are concerned, I'd speak to your HV about it smile

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