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Worried about sleep

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TerrifiedMothertobe Sat 29-Aug-15 19:30:31

My very almost 4 year old has always been an early riser, well since I became pregnant with ds2 at around 18 months... After much debate, trying all sorts of combinations we realised he needs a nap otherwise he is up with the lark.

But as he turns 4 in two weeks he is soon back to preschool. Where he can't sleep during the day. So I know we are back to early starts, but I am more worried about the fact that he only has a year u til school and show no sign of giving up his nap, and it's not a short nap. Today was over 2 hours all because he only had half an hour on Thursday (day out) and has been a mess ever since.

Could there be something medically wrong with him? I have never asked the doc and I don't want to be a time waster!

Any advice on older children sleeping every day welcomed! He is the last of his peers to give it up and is quite a lot later than most of them!

JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 29-Aug-15 20:23:28

He's got a long time before school starts. My DD is an August baby so started shortly after turning 4. I was worried because some days I literally could not keep her awake, but she was fine. We kept evenings quiet, no activities and some of her friends had an earlier bedtime, but it's too early to worry about it yet smile

TerrifiedMothertobe Fri 04-Sep-15 21:14:51

Well not really. He has two full days at preschool each week. He is unbearable for the two days forward, even with a lunchtime nap. If he gets overtired he gets up at 5, like this morning. I dispari.

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