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2 or 2.5 for potty training?

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Ijustworemytrenchcoat Wed 26-Aug-15 00:08:11

I would like it to be as stress free as possible. I keep reading about waiting until the child is ready as there will be fewer accidents and it will be easier. Should I be aiming for two and a half? I don't think he would have any idea if I asked him to tell me when he wanted a wee, it seems like setting him up to fail.

He is very interested, he currently sits on a potty and the toilet quite happily when fully dressed or between nappy changes/before the bath but has only peed once in a potty by accident. He normally gets up takes a couple of steps and pees grin he looks a bit shocked when he pees sans nappy.

He has seen me on the toilet and is very interested and (tmi, sorry) if he has a poo I put it down the toilet and say something along the lines of 'poo poo goes in the toilet, bye poo poo'. Every time he sees a toilet he says 'pee pee in there mammy' so he gets the concept, but although he knows when he has a dirty nappy he's never done anything to indicate he knows he's wet.

Any tips?

Lweji Wed 26-Aug-15 00:11:16

As far as I got it, it worked well for DS once he was able to pee off his own will on the toilet/potty. Before it was very stressing, as he could hold it in, but couldn't pee without a nappy and then had accidents and cried his heart out.
We tried it for one or two days and gave up.

I'd say give it a go, but go back if necessary. No harm done.

Whatabout Wed 26-Aug-15 00:13:21

Just wait till he asks or shows signs or readiness. It's not a age thing it's a control and understanding thing. The NHS has a checklist for readiness and once you see those things then do it.

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