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Not weight bearing 2nd opinion?

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Deardinah Thu 20-Aug-15 00:01:07

My lg will be one in 2 weeks.
She was born breech & was very scrunched up inside, one of her feet turned outwards for a while when she was newborn, she had her nb ultrasound which showed her hip joint was loose, they asked us to come back after 3 weeks for another where they confirmed all was ok.
FF to when she began to crawl or rather drag herself around, she drags her left leg behind her, I took her for her 9 month check when they called for us at 11 months old, they scored her poorly on gross motor skills because she just doesn't want to bear weight, if you hold her up she stands on her tiptoes, she won't try to stand, not interested in pulling herself up, her toes are always pointed. They said she had one leg slightly longer than the other & an extra crease, referred us to gp. The GP had already referred her to an allergy clinic & told us to ask the same consultant to take a look at her legs, so we did today.
He said he'd have a quick look, said if the 2nd ultrasound she had at 6 weeks was ok, it must be ok, didn't look at bum crease just front creases & said it was fine, he said she was too young to weight bear anyway.
So I'm really confused??!
Something doesn't sit right with me, he sent us away & said if she's not bearing weight by 13 months to go back.
I'm anxious if something is out of place in her hips that it's getting a bit late to do much about it.
Ive asked my GP for a 2nd referral, I'd like a 2nd opinion to be sure. Would you do the same?

AnotherTimeMaybe Thu 20-Aug-15 09:21:22

So the consultant who examined her is an allergy specialist?
What does one have to do with another? You need referral to orthopedic who will measure legs, order x ray and check dd joints etc
Problem is it might take ages for referral can you go back to gp and beg for urgent referral?

Deardinah Thu 20-Aug-15 12:02:27

Exactly what I thought, and probably what he thought, my GP said she's written again for another referral, I feel like banging my head against a brick wall, is there a way to bypass the middle Man?!

AnotherTimeMaybe Thu 20-Aug-15 12:26:58

Only if you complained of some sort of pain and went straight to a&e where they can easily xray her
If she doesn't have any pains at all or hasnt fallen of the bed lets say not much you can do other than go private or just wait

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