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2 year old rude to strangers!

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Pepper1988 Fri 14-Aug-15 00:22:48

My 2 year old nearly 3 is so rude if a stranger talks to him! Sometimes he can chew their ear off and if he isn't in the mood he will action a punch and mutter 'er' and look away! It is so embarrassing will he grow out of this ??!

TheMaddestHatter Fri 14-Aug-15 09:33:28


How does your son react when you tell him off for acting this way? If he's anything like my nephew (who does the same type of thing, but is slightly older than your son) he will storm off in a huff.

I think you just keep having to tell him 'no' when he reacts in this way, apologise to the stranger, and then (once stranger has gone) talk to your son about why he acted in that way, and remind him the proper way he should behave.

It could just be that he's shy, and his 'rudeness' is just a defence mechanism. Or it could be that some days he's just not in the mood to make small talk. Can you teach him some stock phrases to use instead of him having to rely on his punching action etc? "Sorry, don't feel like talking" or similar?

This appears to be perfectly acceptable for adults to say (I've used it myself when having a bad day and a stranger sits next to me on a bus for a bit of chitchat) so I can't see the issue with children saying the same thing. Just like adults, children shouldn't be made to feel forced into being polite and having conversations with strangers when they don't feel like it, but should learn some polite phrases to escape these situations.

For now, I'd just keep modelling polite exchanges with strangers, or perhaps do some role playing at home to help him 'practise' in these situations? Through toys etc?

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