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Cafcass - Section 7 - How many Judges agree with the report recommendations?

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mummytippy Tue 11-Aug-15 01:43:06

Dear All

I'm hoping you can help... I have just received the Section 7 report
for my DS and despite his wishes and feelings being very clear in relation
to where he wants to live and live with, the Cafcass Officer is recommending things remain the same. I applied back to the Court so that residency could be reversed after my ex went for custody 12 months ago and surprisingly won. As a result my DS now resides with his father during term time. There are no safeguarding concerns on my part at all. This isn't the news/result I wanted to hear. Can anyone offer any advice? My DS will be devastated if things don't change and the Officer has even mentioned a Section 14 to be considered too. I'm very worried I have a Directions Hearing in a few days time. Thank you in advance.

Meloria Wed 12-Aug-15 19:10:51

Now's the time to get proper legal advice.

mummytippy Fri 14-Aug-15 19:47:38

Hi Meloria

Thank you for your message.
I have been getting legal advice but wondered if anyone had been in a similar situation and what their outcome was.

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