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help with 5 year old.

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ghostspirit Mon 10-Aug-15 14:09:28

i dont know if its normal behavour or not. i have never had problems with my kids at this age. i have with my teenager but not at 5.

anything really small can trigger it like today my son had her bloon. she went into one. he gave it to her. but she still carried on wanting the hat he had on. its not always about stuff it can be anything so slight that i cant even remember what triggers it.

because of the bloon/hat situation she was hitting me.pintching me and kicking she pulled her brothers hair and bite his head. shes shouting things like you fucking idiot,bitch peadofile. then she was dangling mop over the stairs shouting mummy come and get the mop come and get the fucking mop,you fucking bitch. i dont know where she got the words from.they are not word we use in the house. i dont know if she

she says sorry and i say no your not. and he reply is yes i am you stupid bitch. when she says sorry she does the same/simlar 10 mins later.

its near impossible to talk to her she shouts/screams to drown me out.

i have tried sticker charts/rewards. when shes carm i can talk to her and she wants to be good and earn stickers, when shes starts to be naughty i remind her about the the stickers. she said she dont care about stupid fucking stickers.

she can be quite nasty/rude to the children next door as well. i don't get any reports from school about her behavour or how she is with other children.

i know she is using them word to shock. but its everyday and the things that start it are very slight things.

i do sometimes wonder if she might have some sort of SN. but then surely she would be like it at school.

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