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9 week old baby screaming half way through feed

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pinkie1982 Sun 09-Aug-15 13:35:40

First time mum here. My 9 week baby was 6 weeks premature. He had his 2 month jabs on Monday last week. The last three days he has started screaming in pain after drinking an ounce or two, not bringing up much wind and when he does it is a small amount and sometimes sicky, which it wasn't before. He will then cry when I try to reintroduce the bottle but he is still hungry trying to drink it but crying and pushing it away again then sucking his hand or arm.
He has thrush in his mouth that I took him to the Drs for over a week ago and he is on medication for this but it hasn't cleared up. He is blowing saliva bubbles and crying in his sleep.
I don't know whether to take him to the walk in centre or wait and try to get an emergency appt tomorrow morning. I'm worried that he is only taking an ounce or two at a time in this heat. Or phone the HV. On a Sunday?
I don't know whether it is silent reflux or something else. Should I try calpol?
He also has a hernia on his belly button which HV has said not to worry about and I've noticed this morning an extra lump in his testicle. Could these also be causing pain? I think it's his stomach that is the feeding problem rather than the thrush.
He has a drs appointment a week Tuesday as this was the soonest I could book an actual appointment for.
TIA for advice!

snarferson Sun 09-Aug-15 18:13:00

Hi. I'm by no means an expert but my baby had reflux. She takes an oz or 2 of milk and then started bucking and crying and pushing the bottle away. Then she would suck her arm in hunger. Your baby's symptoms sound very similar.
I would defo ask the hv and see if they will watch him feed (which mine did for me) and then said it seems very much like reflux. My DD is now on gaviscon and ranitidine which have helped.
Good luck.

JassyRadlett Sun 09-Aug-15 18:17:29

Yes it sounds like reflux to me too - DS had it and it was awful. Exactly 6 minutes into each feed.

Don't let them fob you off - some HVs in particular don't care a bit if a baby is in pain if it is gaining the 'right' amount of weight as mine was. You may need to fight for help.

CrimsonSunrise Sun 09-Aug-15 18:55:39

My DD2 does similar and its been driving me barmy as my first dd didnt do anything like it!! My dd has reflux and is on gaviscon for it. Id say go to your gp asap and also speak to your hv.

notascooby007 Sun 09-Aug-15 22:41:18

Have you tried going to the next size teat? My ds was the same taking ages stopped soon as I changed teats it wasn't as hard work to suck etc and get frustrated

pinkie1982 Sun 09-Aug-15 23:30:59

He is on variflow but I just fed him almost a whole bottle with a medium flow teat. He is asleep again now. No crying that time. A relief but not holding onto the hope that it's done with. I'm going to make emergency Drs appt tomorrow re testicle and umbilical hernia as its bigger than it as when the midwife saw it Friday. Cue a trip to the shops for another few packs of number 2 teats

WorzelsCornyBrows Sun 09-Aug-15 23:36:33

Definitely worth getting him checked out. Oral thrush can cause discomfort, but not to the point of screaming in my experience. It sounds like silent reflux to me, but best to be safe and have him checked over.

If it makes you feel any better one of my DC had an umbilical hernia, it's very common and unusual for it to cause problems unless noticeably hard or blue, but not unheard of. My DC's resolved itself, no surgery required at all.

mamabluestar Sun 09-Aug-15 23:53:36

The feeding situation sounds similar to when my dd had lactose intolerance - she would scream to he feed but scream due to the pain. Colief was like a miracle cure. thanks

pinkie1982 Mon 10-Aug-15 09:32:20

He has had gripe water before but it made him sick and that wasn't even a full dose as he was Orem and the HV couldn't tell me if he could have it or not as he was four weeks old but was only just term then. He was on I facial but it made him not pooh for two days.
He doesn't have much problems bringing up wind but something is definitely hurting him. I've got an emergency appointment today at 12:10'

Julieb85 Mon 10-Aug-15 11:19:02

We had this with our ds - sounds silly, but what size of teet are u using? We were using 1's and it turned out they were too small - he was struggling with to get milk and was working too hard/getting too tired. Changed to size 2's and it worked instantly. Might be worth a try?

pinkie1982 Mon 10-Aug-15 12:27:49

He is on variflow. I used a 2 last night and he drank almost a full bottle but this morning he was the same as yesterday again sad will be going to get more 2s after the Drs. Waiting to go in at the moment

CrimsonSunrise Mon 10-Aug-15 13:24:51

Hiw did the doctors app go pinkie?

CrimsonSunrise Mon 10-Aug-15 13:25:02


pinkie1982 Mon 10-Aug-15 15:38:23

He has been prescribed infant gaviscon. The Dr agreed that it's probably silent reflux.
He has to have an ultrasound on his lump downstairs, may be an extra testicle that hadn't come down yet at his 6 week check.
I've been out and bought more med flow tears to try him on.

pinkie1982 Mon 10-Aug-15 15:38:39


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