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Emotional 8yo ds

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readyforno2 Fri 07-Aug-15 00:38:15

Over the last month or so my ds has become really emotional and teary. My dh (his df) works offshore for 4 weeks at a time and this kind of ties in with him going away, but, he has been doing this job for nearly 4 years so it's not something new. Do boys go through an emotional phase at this age or do I need to look more into it? I have tried speaking to him but he says he doesn't know what's wrong

Kleptronic Fri 07-Aug-15 00:49:38

Yes mine did at that age and I read on here many saying that they get a hormone surge around 8-9. Mine's started up again now at 11! I just tried/try to get him to describe how he's feeling, so say I can see you feel out of sorts/upset/at sixes and sevens, can you tell me how you are feeling/what you're feeling right now? Then listen. Then I say something along the lines of it's ok to have strong feelings, we all get them. When he's talked out I say and what can we do to help you feel more chilled/cheery? A film, a book, a bath, a walk, a hot chocolate, whatever...

The main thing for mine is to let him talk about how he's feeling even though he might not know why. Better out than in with mine basically.

Poor kids, all these feelings and not knowing what to do with them!

readyforno2 Fri 07-Aug-15 09:51:19

Thank you for replying. I'm going out tonight, kinda feel like I should cancel and stay in with him.
I'll have another chat with him just now.

Kleptronic Fri 07-Aug-15 17:38:19

Hope the chat went well. I think unless he's very upset you should go out. As long as he knows you're on side over it he'll most likely be ok with normal life. It's something all kids have to learn to roll with, ultimately. Mind you some adults I know haven't quite got there yet!

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