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Tantrums in the middle of the night!

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JanineMelnitzGlasses Thu 06-Aug-15 13:27:02

My nearly 2 year old has taken to waking up around midnight and having an almighty tantrum. It's definitely not night terrors as he's wide awake.

As a bit of background he's just had his room decorated (we've just moved) and at the same time I moved him into a toddler bed. Previous to this he was waking in the night and he was having 1-2 beakers of milk (between 7 and 14oz).

When he moved into his big bed, the milk at night stopped (although he does have water with him), and he slept through for the first week with no issues at all. This week we're back to waking and now have a new fresh hell of a massive tantrum to go with it.

Last night I managed to calm him and settled him in bed but I had to stay with him until he fell asleep. Has anyone else experienced this and does anyone have any advice for getting through it? Thank you!

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