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toilet needs

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L0oking4answers Wed 05-Aug-15 22:29:13

my oh's 3 year old won't go to the toilet. She says it hurts when she goes but has been checked for infections and is all clear. She won't poo at all and hasn't gone for a good week now. she's been on lactulose and has eaten everything that could make her go but she still refuses.
is this normal and can we do anything else?

minipie Thu 06-Aug-15 12:46:09

I'd go to the GP. She may have a slight tear in her anus which hurts when she poos? in any case, if she hasn't gone for a week then she will be horribly backed up and possibly impacted so will need some help to soften the stool before it can come out. Suppositories possibly. GP will have seen this before I'm sure so may have some other/better suggestions. Good luck!

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