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Fighting Between Sisters Help

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ScarlettsMummy2013 Mon 03-Aug-15 22:54:37

Hi everyone,

Im sorry if this is in the wrong section but here goes...

Sorry this is long.

This is about my god daughter (D) and her half sister (R). My god daughter is 4 in october and her sister 3 in january. Her mum is my best friend and is really angry and heart broken about what is happening and id just like to hear some opinions and hopefully get some advice from you all as neither of us know what to do.

For quite some time now D has been coming home from her fathers with cuts bruises bite marks, etc. and when she gets home she always says R has done it to her. And up until tonight their father or his partner have always said why D has a mark on her.

Yesterday before going to her dad's her mum took photos of her to document the fact she left with no marks on her body. When she arrived back tonight her dad's partner took her out of the car said goodbye got back in and drove away. Leaving D to walk, although a short distance, to the front door. which to start off with is very unlike her. Luckily my friend's partner was already at the door. D flew up the three steps and into his arms, telling him she doesnt want to go to daddy's house again.

When he took her upstairs both he and my friend noticed that she had bite marks going up her arm. On further inspection they discovered that she didnt just have bite marks. She has scratches on various parts of her, that look like nail tracks but they are only small, to me this indicates that it could be her younger sister. She also has bruises on one leg that spam from her ankle to mid calf.

My friend has taken more pictures to document this. When asked how she got them D has told us that it was R. And has persistently told people that she has spoken to tonight that R had bitten her or hurt her.

What is more my friend has sent several texts to her ex asking about the marks on D. To which she has had no reply. Various members of the ex's family has told both me and my friend that R is spiteful, nasty and vicious.

She has yet again said that she doesnt want to go to her daddy's house again.

Myself and my friend have decided to go to the doctors tomorrow to get it logged with them and see what advice they could give us. failing that we are going to try to see a health visitor.

But other than that we dont know what to do. My friend is devastated and doesnt want D going to her father's again but is torn by the fact she wants D to have a relationship with her father and sister.

D sees her stepdad as her father and doesnt see her real dad very often. Since all this has started she has become slightly withdrawn, jealous, a little aggressive (i.e. shouting) very possessive of people and objects, she is very anxious and clingy towards her mum, stepdad, maternal grandparents, both her sleeping and eating habbits have changed, she wets and soils her clothes and seems to be taking more risks (i.e. she tries walking out into roads which she never did before).

We are really at our wits end and dont know what to do about the whole situation.



pandypoos Tue 04-Aug-15 07:03:13

If she doesent want to go and it's clearly having a negative impact on her , I wouldn't make her, if her dad wants to see her I would advise your friend to supervise the visits at her house and leave the sister out of it for now. When they are older they might get on fine but for now it's not fair to make her go knowing she will be hurt.

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