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Order of babies teeth??

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Countryside14 Mon 03-Aug-15 17:50:55

My dd is 15 months and got her first two bottom teeth at 8 months. After this she got her top from teeth and then the two either side. 5 months has passed now and I'm still wIot g for the two either side of her bottom teeth to come through. I can't even see or feel them under the skin.

Today she was crying and I thought maybe she'd got an ulcer as I could see something white until I felt with my finger and realised it was her first top molars. She's got them on each side.

Is this odd seeing as she's not even got the ones before this? Or is this normal? Just concern as to whether she might not have any at all?

cantmakecarrotcake Mon 03-Aug-15 19:24:17

My dd didn't get the 2nd pair on the bottom. Dentists I've seen haven't been too concerned. No idea if her adult teeth are there or not. I guess at some point she'll get an x-ray.

But I think the order they grow isn't always by the book so she might grow them yet.

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