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could she really be teething at 6 weeks?!

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hullabaloo234 Mon 03-Aug-15 09:43:29

DD2 is six weeks old and is showing some signs she might be teething, such as biting down on bottle teats and dummies repeatedly, biting our fingers, hard gums, irritable and unsettled and wanting extra snuggles.

Could this be teething so early? And if it is, what can I do to help her given she is, I assume, too young for the traditional remedies! I have a teething ring that came with the MAM bottles and she likes thst, but can I give her anything else?

DD1 is very much older but if I recall correctly she was around 6 months when she started teething and I was able go use the gels as well as give her nice frozen banana to chew on etc.

Any advice would be greatly received, thank you!! smile

horsewalksintoabar Mon 03-Aug-15 09:50:59

Oh yes, it sounds like teething. People say, "NO way!" But it takes ages for the teeth to come through. And of course during those weeks/months, it's painful. Mine all started teething incredibly early but the teeth didn't make their appearance early at all. My third had terrible, terrible teething issues. Teething is, hands down, what makes that first year so difficult and it IS why some babies don't sleep through the night. Painful teething and itching eczema in my babies has aged me! grin

I've never stumbled across the Holy Grail of teething... Calpol from two months combined with a bit of children's ibuprofen always ended up doing the trick for me. I've tried everything... many, many parents swear by camomile granules as well, though they never did anything for my kids. It depends on the baby.

hullabaloo234 Mon 03-Aug-15 09:58:29

Thank you for replying! Well it looks very much like it could be then, poor baby sad

Luckily she's settled at night (for now!) only feeding at 1 and 4. It's daytime she's really suffering. will hold out for calpol then and talk to th HV at our six week check next week

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