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HELP! 2 years and 8 months and tantrums started again with avengence!

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Mkechance Wed 29-Jul-15 21:49:44

My daughter got over having tantrums about 6 months ago but has just started having them in the last few days. I work in a school and we have been off together now for nearly two weeks. She has stopped napping and might be teething a little. The difference this time is that it isn't clear what has set her off and instead of calming down quite quickly in time out she screams and physically shakes for over an hour. I have tried cuddling, distracting or just leaving her somewhere safe to calm down but nothing works. It just seems to have come out of the blue and she seems so cross but at the same time wants comfort. When I cuddle her (after she asks for cuddles) she still won't calm and then eventually starts to lash out at me.

Should I just leave her to calm down and hope it passes? This is third day in a row now, I am 6 months pregnant and exhausted by it!

Newtobecomingamum Thu 30-Jul-15 08:59:47

Hi, sorry I don't have much advice but something that works wonders (the only thing!!) with my 2.4year old is doing this really odd technique... I suddenly in a high pitched voice say "what's that, quick quick can you see/hear it, quick quick come and help me find it" I get really overly excited and pretend I can see or hear something and need to find it. I then say "is it under the sofa noooo, is it in the sky etc nooo where could it be, is it under your jumper etc and then give him a tickle and by this point it's all calmed down. Depending on how severe the tantrum is in can take me a good few minutes to capture his attention but then curiosity gets the better if him and he gets all excited and wants to play along! You really have to exaggerate with your sounds and excitement and it works wonders when we are out and about also (although I look a bit crazy lol!) but I had two ladies approach me Waitrose the other day after witnessing an episode and came over and said how brilliant I was and said I was an expert (I'm not lol) but felt pretty good as it worked!! Worth a try smile X

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