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Has anyone used "Speed Up!" at home?

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My DS' end of year report is showing some concerns with his handwriting. I knew he was behind and the school actually asked me to take him to the GP in Year 2 to see if there were any underlying physical problems associated with his lack of being able to write, and the GP said he was fine after putting him through a few tests. Anyway, fast forward to end of Year 4 and his report is saying he's still significantly behind.

The problem is, he doesn't LIKE to write, so efforts to make him practice at home are a real struggle. I googled and found the Speed Up! program, which is based on OT/physical movements to strengthen his fine motor skills, which is exactly what I think he needs.

I've also ordered a double-sided chalkboard (a small one!), and will get all the pens and things in that they suggest. It looks like it will take some £ spent but well worth it if it means he can write effectively; I don't like the idea of it holding him back any more.

Just wondering if anyone else is doing the program with their DCs over the summer so we can buddy up or if they have already done it and found it successful? Any tips?


somewheresomehow Sat 01-Aug-15 12:47:57

You don't have to get special chalk boards and pens at silly money look in aldi or wilko's
and buy ordinary chalk

Imnotbeingyourbestfriendanymor Sat 01-Aug-15 18:50:23

Could he be dyspraxic? Possible dysgraphia? If it is either of these problems I wouldn't persist with handwriting and would teach your son to touch type. I recommend you have him looked at by an OT

Thanks both.

The chalkboard I ordered is only small and £5 and I'll look in The Range for pens...thanks for the link.

Imnot is that something I could go through the GP for a referral?

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