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10 week old teething? Really?

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Chickenfillets Sun 26-Jul-15 09:04:48

My ds is 10 week old on Tuesday and I'm sure he's teething already! He's got all the symptoms, dribbling a hell of a lot, chewing his fists, tugging his ears, won't take his dummy, won't feed properly, restless nights, now he's starting to get a cough, he keeps gagging because he's dribbling that much! He never ever cries just moans a little when he wants feeding (lucky I knowsmile) but this past week he's been so so moany and even had a few small cries in there. When he puts his fingers in his mouth he screws his face up as if it's hurting him. Does this actually sound like teething to you? Or is 10 week too early? I'm a ftm by the way so I have no clue about this. Thanks smile

Artistic Sun 26-Jul-15 09:07:47

Could be teething though the teeth may not show for a while. No harm in using a teething ring & any other remedies you might choose. Mine was showing these signs quite early but actually sprouted teeth only at 6 months.

jelliebelly Sun 26-Jul-15 09:08:15

Sounds very much like a teething baby to me - good luck!

Tangoandcreditcards Sun 26-Jul-15 09:14:07

It's possible. My DS did all of that a little later (14-15 weeks) we didn't get sight of a tooth until he was 9 months though. It came and went for the intervening 5 months.

So they can take a while. He has massive gnashers like his mum though, poor thing. grin

Chickenfillets Sun 26-Jul-15 09:14:29

Does that mean he will be restless and in pain for 6 month confused poor baby. I have some teething gel but not sure if he is too young to use it yet?

Chickenfillets Sun 26-Jul-15 09:16:02

Me and my partner have big gnashes too so I guess he will be the same grin

Disneyfan1995 Sun 26-Jul-15 17:34:19

10 weeks is fine for teething gel, you can also use calpol if things are really bad. My DC both had these symptoms from about 10 weeks, DD got her first tooth at 9 months, DS 18 weeks. There is no rhyme or reason to it! smile

BabyStone Sun 26-Jul-15 17:38:40

Yep sounds like teething, DS was 12 weeks when he started teething and had 8 teeth by 8 months old. My Aunt was born with a tooth coming through so 10 weeks is very possible grin

madwomanbackintheattic Sun 26-Jul-15 17:42:28

dd1 got her first two teeth at 6 weeks. By 12 months she had a full set lol. People would recoil in horror when she grinned at them because they were so used to seeing gummy grins.
10 weeks sounds fairly normal for the first ones to come through tbh. I think ds1 was about 12 weeks. Dd2 was v late, but had v poor oromotor skills and so that delayed them.

imip Mon 27-Jul-15 08:24:31

Dd1 got her first tooth at 13 weeks. She was chewing my finger at a dinner party. Everyone (apart from me) was a little merry! No one believed me! My first parenting intuition was confirmed right the next day when you could actually see that little pearly white come through!

Also, early to get your teeth, early to lose them! Dd3 was 4 when she lost her first teeth!

Artistic Mon 27-Jul-15 09:58:21

Get her Sophie the giraffe. Great for chewing with different small & big parts. Easy to hold when she's ready. The pain can be intermittent, won't be continuous for months.

Mulligrubs Mon 27-Jul-15 10:01:23

It is definitely possible. DS startes teething around 12 weeks, OMG the drool! By 5 months he had 8 teeth (6came in at once it was horrific all round!) and by 10 months he had all but his final 4 molars. He is 22 months and has all of his baby teeth now. Some babies do teeth very early, it was absolute hell sometimes but at least we got them all out of the way quicker grin

Seeline Mon 27-Jul-15 10:34:22

Both my DCs had first teeth at 16 weeks and they normally take a while to actually come through so quite possible.
imip not necessarily so. Neither of my DCs started loosing teeth early - in fact DS was 7 before he lost his first baby tooth.

slightlyconfused85 Mon 27-Jul-15 19:47:40

Yep dd had first tooth at 12 weeks and the four front ones by 16 weeks. Full set minus molars at 1! Entirely possible

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