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need advice speech delay worried

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022mummy Sat 25-Jul-15 01:15:43

Need some help please.
My son is 2years and 9months old he will be 3 in september.
He had his appointment for his first assessment at the Cdc (child development clinic) and they told me me for his mental side he isnt 2years 9months seems alot younger (just to point out hes quite big for his age) he has speech delay
he can only say

hiya (at shop keepers)
go (when going out
tah here (when handing you something like paper)
mama (towards me)
coco (at the dog
oh baby (when hes cuddiling me)
bye/bye bye (says when waving and sometimes says this to people that are in house.

Anyways i found out the Cdc had been ranting and raving to social work about the fact my son cant speak (missing out what they said to me about his gross motor skills and so.on and not mentioning to them that he had said the word bye bye and bubbles and they were moaning at the fact they couldnt do a proper assessment due to him from wanting to play with all the toys) as any toddler does.
Trying to say i cant cope and so on.

Social worker told me not to worry about it as she said the cdc is good at this making things out more worse and going behind parents backs.

i feel like they have judged me for my age of 21 (22 this year) and fact that i have two kids and having my 3rd and being a single parent and young looking for my age.

To be honest
i dont have anyfriends.
I dont have babysitters
im with my kids 24seven.
I do lots of activites with my kids.
I keep my house clean.
Im always on the carpet playing with my kids using proper language (no slang) and speaking to my kids.
I read to my kids. Even changing their bums i always tell them what am.doing and if they've done a pee pee or poo soo on.
My children go to family center group every monday with me.
To learn behaviour and boundries.My son is a clever little boy he can take direction like tell him to sit down he sits.
The only tv time allowed is mr tumble, bing and in the night garden, i only watch tv at night when my kids are sleeping, and since my son was 1 hes been in a routine, and that routine has never changed not even when his little brother was born (both my boys have routine) i think i do a great job for my age and being a mum without help.
Im getting a home start worker starting in august to keep me company and go out more places. But am i to blame for my sons speech delay? What more can i do that i dont do already??
Im considering secretly recording the next assessment so the cdc doesnt try pulling the same crap with the Sw. telling me one thing and telling the sw another deliberately leaving out information like they have already.
Anyone been thro something similar?

EssexMummy123 Sat 25-Jul-15 08:12:22

Secretly recording someone is illegal isn't it? that would just get you into trouble. Could you get an independent advocate, maybe someone from CAB to be a witness?

The only thing you can do re speech delay is talk to him, make eye contact - oh and nursery - he should get 15 hours a week for free so take that up.

siblingrevelryagain Sat 25-Jul-15 08:22:50

You sound a great mom-please don't let judgemental people make you feel that any issues are because of your age or status. Health visitors and the like mean well but often can be a bit inconsiderate with how they phrase things.

My eldest had speech delay (finally had grommets fitted at 3 which solved it-it was his hearing that was the problem), and even though I probably 'fitted the bill' (30-something middle class, educated mom) I was still told to make sure my child had access to books and that I was talking to him, so it's no reflection on you if they seem to be accusing you.

Keep doing what you're doing, push for all the help you can get, and give yourself a break-a bit more tv isn't going to kill them (especially something more educational like the cbeebies stuff they currently watch) whilst you have 5 mins with a cuppa. Sod the housework!

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