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My 2 year old has not gained any weight for ..

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hartmel Wed 22-Jul-15 16:25:08

More then 6 month now..

In February he weight 12.5 kg and since then I have checked his weight and every time I go to the health nurse or doctor the weight stays the same. Yesterday I weighed him at home as he loves to step onto the scale and again same weight it was 6 month ago..
He is eating ok. Loves meat and vegetables.
Based on his clothing, they don't fit him around his waist but in length they are getting shorter which means he his growing but not gaining weight..

Is it normal or should I be worried. I asked my GP but everything in her eyes is normal. Seeing a different doctor tomorrow as I went to a walk in clinic with my son win something else and he asked me if he is gaining weight I said no. He then wanted me to come back tomorrow for a complete check up.

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 23-Jul-15 10:20:26

If he's growing taller, I wouldn't be too worried but I would make sure that the go does do height, weight and head circumference and records it it the red book. Some can be a little reluctant to do it, but it's the first thing they will want to see if you get referred.

Could you add some good fats into his diet in the meantime? Does he have oily fish regularly? Could you add olive oil or mascarpone to mash for instance?

Thurlow Thu 23-Jul-15 15:29:24

DD didn't seem to grow at all between 2-3. Ate well, always active, seemed perfectly normal, just didn't put on weight.

Between 3-3.5 she has absolutely shot up and grown out of all her clothes overnight hmm

There's nothing wrong with letting the doctor have a look but if he is getting taller then I wouldn't be overly worried.

neversleepagain Thu 23-Jul-15 20:39:14

My twins have only put on 200g in 9 months but are taller and slimmer

Doreta2G Thu 23-Jul-15 20:43:59

My daughter was the same at that age, as were the children of a few of our friends. I put it down to her being a cuddly 1year old and growing up and being active so she lost the cute tubbiness but replaced it with height.

As long as they eat well and otherwise seem well, I'd be tempted to listen to your GP!

hartmel Fri 24-Jul-15 04:15:57

Thank you!
That has helped a lot..
He just very cranky and crying a lot. And that already for 9 month.
And he is constantly tired. He wakes up from a ok night and after breakfast he wants to go to bed. Same thing lunch and supper,, he still does one nap a day for about two hours. I tried taking his nap away but didn't change anything..

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