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Pooing my head in!!

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Sess01 Wed 22-Jul-15 10:50:42

My son is three and a bit. He has been wee trained for god knows how long!

He will NOT poo on the toilet. He's done it 3 times through luck! As I've just put him on at the right time, we celebrate, he gets a treat. He doesn't do it again.

He poops in his pants, he knows he's pooing, he knows I know he is trying so he hides from me. But I don't know that's why he's hiding until he's done it (he goes upstairs and plays)

I have tried, potty, rewards, nappy in & on the toilet, presents, ignoring it & just quickly changing him. I've tried leaving him with no pants & he just holds it in until he gets pants on (I.e. going out, going to bed).

I've just ordered some books but I am literally at my wits end! I don't know what else to do.

Oh he even changes himself when he poops!

Driving me...insane!

teacher54321 Wed 22-Jul-15 13:34:50

My DS is just the same. I am sick of the accidents. We're now doing heavy scale bribery, as he is so desperate to have a pet. If he gets 10 poos in the loo he can have a bunny rabbit... We shall see if this works!

BunnyRuddington Fri 24-Jul-15 08:49:36

Sess if you look in the MN archive you should find lots of old threads on poo with holding but I just wondered if you'd tried this method as it seems to have worked for quite a few posters.

Let him have a nappy on to poo in. Convince him that its ok to ask you for a nappy on when he wants to poo.

If he's happy to have a nappy on but sit on the potty, do that from the start. If not, leave it a while and then say he can have a nappy on, but he must sit on the potty whilst he has it on.

Once he's been doing this for a while, gradually loosen the nappy over time. In the end you should just be able to place the nappy on the potty and let him sit on it.

I've not heard of anyone doing this method with the toilet, but if you have a decent toilet seat, I can't see why it wouldn't be worth a try.

It's not a quick fix, and will require a fair amount of patience but it seems more positive than the situation you have now.

Good luck ��

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