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Worried about 9 month old - advice please

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Natedogg Tue 21-Jul-15 14:26:46

Hello! I'm just wondering if any of you can give some advice please. I have a 9 month old boy who is generally very sociable, sweet and smiley, he babbles a lot and likes to interact / play with us. There's just a few things I'm concerned about. He doesn't wave or clap. All the other NCT babies seem to be doing this already and it's making me feel a bit anxious (I know, I shouldn't compare etc etc). He also does this weird army crawl where he drags his left leg, although he's pulling himself up on furniture and weight bears on both legs very well.

Do any of you have any thoughts on this? Just a bit concerned (which I admit is definitely my personality!).

Thanks so much.

FlossieTreadlight Tue 21-Jul-15 15:04:28

Sounds totally normal. You'll find they all do things at different times and I'm told it all evens out when they get to school. My 9mo dc2 is doing the same leg drag, waves a bit, doesn't clap yet and has a nice line in trying to robustly escape nappy changes...

AnythingNotEverything Tue 21-Jul-15 15:20:02

I met up with my mumsnet ante/postnatal group when the babies were about 9 months. It was interesting to note that the ones who clapped and waved weren't moving, and the ones who moved weren't clapping or waving. Purely anecdotal but interesting all the same.

StarlingMurmuration Tue 21-Jul-15 18:14:58

My DS army-crawled, dragging his left leg, for ages before he crawled properly. He's crawling now and pulling up and standing and cruising with no problems.

mewkins Tue 21-Jul-15 18:18:10

My 12 mo has only been moving in the last month and only just lifting his belly off the floor. We had many months of doing very little (but his fine motor skills are really good!) I think size of baby has something to do with it. He is big and has a lot of weight to move!

Natedogg Tue 21-Jul-15 21:02:06

Thanks! It always feels so much better getting a bit of support on here. I keep telling myself that it's unfair on him to worry about these things, and that I need to just let him explore things in his own time!

hartmel Wed 22-Jul-15 16:36:53

My son also bump shoveled with one leg dragged behind.. He did not wave or clap hands till he was over 12 month old..
My daughter is crawling, clapping hands and waving since she is 7/8 month old..

My son is now almost 2 and has problems with his hips. When I went to see the physiotherapist he said that it is a birth defect and that is why he dragged one leg behind as crawling made him hurt

Wristy Thu 23-Jul-15 21:50:29

My daughter did the leg drag crawl for weeks, she's almost 10 months now and seems to have developed into a more conventional crawling pose (up on both knees now).

Which is a shame, she always made me chuckle with her 'horror movie survivor, but not for long!' style. I always thought of Sarah Connor in The Terminator when I saw her crawling away! grin

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