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15 week old wont go to anyone else

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ellenb1990 Mon 20-Jul-15 12:02:25

So i have a large family and we have just been to a bbq was very nice and all cooing over LO.

However LO would not go to anyone apart from my mother or myself, if I tried LO would start screaming. Apart from that bedtime routine was fine, she took normal feed and would smile and gurgle at family as long as no-one was touching her.

LO used to be fine with other people holding her or her hand a couple of weeks ago but now does not, is this normal behaviour?

SaulGood Mon 20-Jul-15 12:07:56

She's just realised that you and her are separate beings. This is a momentous realisation. When you hand her over to someone else and she can't see/feel you cuddling her, she panics.

Cuddle her, encourage her to interact with people from a safe distance and she'll finally learn "object permanence" which is the notion that just because she isn't with you or touching your or looking at you, you still exist and always come back. It's the reason why babies of a certain age love hide and seek/peekaboo. They genuinely can't believe you can disappear out of sight and then pop up again in such a ridiculous fashion.

It's normal.

Hopeful83 Tue 21-Jul-15 08:49:54

My DD did this for months. She outgrew it at around 5/6 months thankfully after much stressing from me about it. It's just a phase

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